• What is dapp?

    dapp is the largest digital payments highway in Mexico that makes interoperability possible in mobile payments, which provides the necessary technology to connect the players of the fintech ecosystem with each other, always improving security and operating costs.

  • Benefits of charging with QR

    Benefits for your business:

    1. Higher number of sales
    2. Greater security over your money by reducing the receipt of cash payments
    3. New clients
    4. Acceptance of a form of payment more than conventional
  • What kind of services with QR do we offer?

    We have the following: QR which includes balance, credit, bnpl, etc. And also CoDi, Cash In and CashOut

  • How do we protect your data?

    dapp does not share any personal or account information with anyone. All the information is encrypted and tokenized, therefore neither the businesses in which the pages, nor the users will have access to your bank details.

  • How do I purchase the service?

    To start the integration process, contact us by email: contacto@dapp.mx

  • What is a dapp terminal?

    It is a mobile application, in which it is possible to generate a QR code to be scanned and paid, turning any cell phone into a terminal.

    This terminal works to generate payments from the merchant.

  • How do I create a dapp terminal?

    Follow the next steps:

    1. Download the app and link to your business (scanning a QR)
    2. Enter amount to collect and optional concept
    3. Confirm to proceed
    4. The QR is displayed
    5. The customer scans the QR and confirm
  • How do I generate a charge in the dapp terminal?

    There are two ways to charge:

    1. With QR to be scanned by your client.
    2. Sending a notification with an amount to your client's cell phone, which will be redirected to their banking app to generate the payment.
  • Where can I check my transaction report?

    Once integrated, you will have access to a Dashboard in which you can view, online, all the transactions you have made.

  • How do we reconcile?

    To be able to reconcile, we are going to ask you to share a file with the details of the transactions that were generated, in order to make the crossing and if everything is correct, proceed with the corresponding settlement, in case there are items in reconciliation, we will start a Clarification process through the email contacto@dapp.mx

  • Where can I make a cash payment to my wallet?

    It is possible to make cash payments in the permitted establishments, which are:

    • Walmart
    • Sam's Club
    • Aurrera
    • Superama
    • Farmacias del Ahorro
    • 7Eleven
  • What are the commissions for crediting cash to my wallet?

    The payment commission is $10.00 MXN per transaction

  • How can I see my payment history?

    In the main menu of the application there is a section of movements, there you can find the record of expenses and income of your account.

  • What are the reasons to block an account?

    The accounts that incur in any of these faults: -False or multiple user registration -Attempts to register restricted card(s) -Use of stolen cards. And others that are determined as possible frauds.



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