We make possible the largest QR payment network
in Mexico

We make possible the largest QR payment network
in Mexico

dapp® is a 100% Mexican startup that connects payers with merchants that don’t have a relationship between them. We innovate to reduce costs of transactions, enhance security and customer experience.

Our business is
to make yours grow.

We want to keep adding new players to the dapp® network, which already counts with more than 20 thousand merchants and 6 compatible wallets that aggregate up to 18 million users, besides CoDi® (9.2 million more).

We allow our wallets massive access to points of sale, and the acceptance of additional payment methods to our merchants.

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dapp® is an ecosystem.

dapp® is more than just the most advanced payment railway in Mexico. Thanks to the synergies we have created with some of the most relevant players of the payments ecosystem, we have launched a vast set of products that solve the different necessities of our partners and contribute significantly to the development of the market.

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Offer our employees an incredible and inspiring workplace that allows us to create the best payment railway in the world.


Contribute to financial democratization by offering new payment alternatives with agile and secure technology; revolutionizing global payments.


Integrity, responsibility, safety, innovation, teamwork, balance.

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